Wii updating error

I want to update to 4.3 so that I can use the Shop channel to purchase the old Super Smash Bros.Nintendo 64 game, as I need to update in order to do this.After a few minutes of watching the update timer climb to , my system drops the now familiar error code 108-0075 and quits.The update fails and the message reads as follows: Unable to connect to the server. Almost immediately I assumed that this error was my fault, not Nintendo’s. I listened to a few minutes of the Hyrule Field theme from before the support specialist was connected.I just got my wii u today(nsmbu bundle) with tropical freezze and mk 8 in preparation for HW , Bayo and Smash.

You can find the error code you're getting from the list of Wii error codes below.Here’s the thing, since December 4th at around 8am EST, I’ve been trying to update my Wii U to version 2.1.0 U.I can’t play online, access Netflix, browse the Internet or draw funny doodles in the Miiverse without it.Every time I try to update I get Error Code: 32007.I use an Apple Time Capsule router and am directly connected via USB to Ethernet adapter from the Wii. The Connection Test passes on both, but both come up with the Error Code: 32007 within a second or two of starting the update process (after the Connection Test).

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