Updating cpu driver uses of radiation in radio dating

A driver update isn't always a fix-it task, either.An updated driver might enable new features for the hardware, something I see on a regular basis with popular video cards and sound cards.You might need to update drivers in Windows when a new piece of hardware you've installed doesn't work automatically or maybe after upgrading to a new version of Windows.Updating drivers is also a great troubleshooting step when the device is having some kind of problem or is generating an error, like a Device Manager error code.

If I do not for this type of situation when would I have to update my CPU drivers?

However, this is not the case with updated drivers for your graphics card, also known as a GPU or video card.

NVIDIA and AMD both frequently release new graphics drivers that often give major performance improvements, particularly for newer games.

I wonder if the cpu manufacturer AMD/Intel, stay out of it and just let the mobo companies handle it. Just find instructions on how to update your specific motherboard on the web and download the latest BIOS. If you have Dual BIOS, you can use the second backup BIOS if something screws up. So are we just talking about updating the BIOS software wise, or are talking about flashing it?

And does a BIOS update come from the processor company or the motherboard company. Just make sure the process doesn't get interrupted. They're talking *Flashing* the BIOS; replacing all the BIOS code with updated code.

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