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To get here, take MD-6 (Port Tobacco Rd) west from La Plata and then make a left on Chapel Point Rd.Turn right on small Commerce St for the village itself, while St. This city travel guide to La Plata is a usable article.They are all within around and hour driving time of Frederick.Route 515 provides service between Frederick and the Shady Grove Metrorail Station, whereby connections can be made to/from Washington DC.Travel to Ocean City (see end of this itinerary for “getting to the Eastern Shore”) to start your adventures. Lunch Take a stroll along the beach in Ocean City and stop at Frog Bar (806 South Boardwalk, Ocean City, MD) where views of the water and Assateague Island can’t be beat.Afternoon Kids especially will enjoy taking a walk along the Ocean City Boardwalk, voted one of the top boardwalks in the country.

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La Plata does not have an airport or a train service. Driving time to La Plata is about 1 hour from Washington, D.

In his ruling, Chuang said Trump's executive order was "the realization of the long-envisioned Muslim ban" -- citing Trump's previous speeches on the topic.

Chuang in Maryland suspends a portion of the order preventing visas being issued to nationals of six predominantly Muslim countries.

Just at the western edge of La Plata is Port Tobacco, Maryland's smallest town (15 people), dating back to 1727.

Owing in no part to its extremely small size, the village is well preserved and home to much archaeological research.

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