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According to Mashable, there are about 83 MILLION fake accounts on Facebook.

That’s roughly the size of Egypt’s entire population.

All you really need is a made up bio and a stock photo, and boom—you’ve created a person. The phrase “catfish hoax” comes from the 2010 documentary film about a guy named Nev Schulman and his relationship with "Megan," a woman he “met” and fell in love with online.

Nev and Megan chatted on Facebook, sent each other sweet text messages, and talked to each other on the phone for months, building what seemed to be a pretty close relationship.

People across the world have been unable to use Skype today due to "issues" with the popular video-calling service.

Affected users are unable to start Skype calls with their contacts, who show up as offline even if they have signed in to the service.

Unfortunately, it also makes it tough to ignore somebody without upsetting them.However, whenever Nev would attempt to meet “Megan” in person, she always flaked.Finally Nev drove out to where “Megan” said she lived.If it can happen to a popular Notre Dame (and now San Diego Charger) football player, it can happen to you, too.Manti Te'o’s unfortunate story about an online girlfriend who never really existed reminds us all of how precarious our virtual relationships with people really are.

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