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James Corden was barreling toward an editing room to check out a rough cut of the latest Carpool Karaoke (the one with Bruno Mars, resplendent in brightly colored silk) when something caught his eye.Two things, really: a bowl of candy and a twenty-five-foot tape measure haphazardly deposited on a credenza in an office full of members of the staff.He popped open the Whoppers and indicated through brisk dumb-show gestures that his first volunteer—a guy in a faded T-shirt and glasses with a receding frizz of light-brown hair—should open wide and place the blunt hook at the end of the tape against his bottom lip. I am prepared to believe that the Whopper spectacle was arranged for the benefit of a visiting journalistic fly on the studio wall.Corden extended the length to seventy-seven inches, raised it to a 30 degree angle from the man's mouth, and placed the candy atop the resulting ramp. How else to account for the suspiciously serendipitous proximity of confection and tool? Maybe the real gag was pranking the profile writer.In total, Letterman hosted 6,028 episodes of Late Night and Late Show, Letterman is also a television and film producer.His company, Worldwide Pants, produced his show as well as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and several prime-time comedies, the most successful of which was Everybody Loves Raymond, now in syndication.The writers were in the writers' room polishing monologue jokes until their poke bowls arrived. Corden, his determination undimmed, adjusted the incline, tension, and torque. Four out of six Whoppers ultimately made it onto the tongues of two employees.

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The candy was Whoppers, small chocolate-covered malted-milk spheroids nestled three to a sleeve for easy snacking; the tape was a coiled ribbon of yellow metal encased in a chunk of aluminum, the kind that clips onto your belt and retracts with a satisfying "Hang on a minute," Corden said, to everyone in the office and no one in particular. " It was an hour before lunch on a two-episode taping day in early December.

Chris Pratt, Olivia Munn, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Stephen Fry were expected in a few hours. The candy rolled halfway down the chute, hit a wobble, dropped onto the floor, and bounced under a desk.

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