Insiders online dating guide 2016 edition

Ali does this in a very direct, explicit, and entertaining way.

More personal stories would have gotten this 5 stars.

Here’s the link: to Dave’s Insider Internet Dating Well, I posted the video above, so that should probably give you a good idea of who this guy is.

I like the fact that he is so normal and chill, not like some wild and crazy PUA dude at all.

Autumn, when temperatures fall and the tourist hordes go home, is the perfect time to head to the Grand Canyon.

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The best is Mather, located within walking distance of the canyon and a general store (good for last-minute s’mores supply runs).

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Alright, I had held off reviewing any “online dating” guides until now because personally I think that 99% of these guides are frankly completely worthless.

But, guys have been asking me for my opinion on Dave M’s classic Insider Internet Dating system, so I figured that you all deserved an unbiased review…

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