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You have to be accommodating to people from different cultures,” she explained to reporters.

Olga has also become somewhat of a celebrity in Swedish refugee camps.

After his business failed, homeowner Ira Belgrade built — without a permit — this two-story Accessory Dwelling Unit, or "granny flat," on his property to supplement his income. Then, that April, Belgrade's wife died suddenly from complications related to Lyme disease.

The Los Angeleno and his wife of more than 13 years ran a successful talent-management company, and they'd recently converted their garage into a home office and rec room.

A member of the endangered southern resident killer whale population, Granny lived in the northeast Pacific Ocean and coastal bays of Washington state and British Columbia. Granny was recognizable from the gray "saddle patch" just behind her dorsal fin, and a half-moon notch in her fin.

Simon Pidcock of Ocean Eco Ventures said he had seen Granny thousands of times, and that the markings on orca fins were like fingerprints.

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Like the rest of California, Belgrade's affluent Central Los Angeles neighborhood has a major housing shortage.

“Everybody knows Miss Sharmuta” acknowledged Ahmed Samir, a 26-year-old refugee from Libya.

“The Syrians affectionately call me Miss Sharmuta, a term which refers to kindness or benevolence” she admits, visibly proud.

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