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Sometimes, as with Beck, a well-known or better-marketed artist is using lesser-known artists for purposes of novelty.Poking, prodding and unsettling in stoic vanguard fashion was their signature, after all.Indie music review website, Pitchfork, gave a positive review of Crystal Castles' remix of "Leni" by Good Books, and described the style as "pitch-shifted vocal snippets [that] ricochet like pinballs around Crystal Castles' patented 8-bit synths".audio: 320 kbps1.

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This Canadian glitch-pop duo first graced T in 2009 where they defied the curfew as they closed the Futures stage with a riotously received set.Kath, donning something of a passive-aggressive velvet glove, would matter-of-factly dismiss such claims while offering read-into-it-how-you-will support for Glass’ next move.So, if the idea of ‘what does a Crystal Castles album sound like in 2016?Eyes roll back everywhere , limbs fall to the ground , Hardened produces offspring.First intervenes , choosing deer When they roam in a cage.

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