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I have read that this difficulty in the young-sample range is due to the fact that not enough material has been depleted to calculate accurately.

I also understand the concerns with carbon-14 dating regarding the impact of fossil fuels / atomic activity in recent dating attempts.

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The trouble is that after 40,000 years there is under 1% of the original C-14 left, and it becomes too hard to measure it accurately.

This isn't a fundamental limit as more accurate measurements could go further back, but at some point you'd simply run out of C-14 atoms.

These neutrons react with nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere by the first of the reactions shown above: C Because the rate at which cosmic rays strike the earth does not vary greatly, the overall quantity of radiocarbon in the atmosphere is fairly constant.

It is, however, only a very small proportion of the total carbon present: The fact that these ratios are fairly constant is important in using radiocarbon as a dating tool.

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I have read sources that place this limit anywhere between 50 and 500 years.

Because radiocarbon is a radioactive isotope, it only exists on the earth because it has been formed recently.

We know from nuclear physics that several possible reactions can result in radiocarbon. The details are not important in understanding radiocarbon but the possible reactions are: Most of the radiocarbon found on earth is formed naturally in the upper atmosphere.

High-energy cosmic rays (from outside the solar system) are constantly bombarding the upper atmosphere.

These high-energy particles undergo a whole cascade of nuclear reactions resulting in some slow moving neutrons.

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