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The sale to Eftel initially fell through but was revived when Telstra initiated legal action against aa Net in late May 2007 in a dispute over ATM billing charges.

Telstra attempted to leverage Eftel to collect its claimed funds from Rose and as a result Eftel did not pay Rose anything for the company for a number of months.

In January 2006 Rose agreed to sell aa Net to Eftel.

At the time Rose, aka Cat Carroll forum ID, posted on the aa NEt forum to her customers that health reasons in the form of ongoing Eyesight problems as the reason for the sale.

This wiki provides a summary of how Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile works, and outlines a number of ideas and answers to frequently asked questions from the long running Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile thread in the forum.

I've been with Boom for nearly 2 years and could not recommend them highly enough.

Remember, this is only a non-authoritative summary, and whilst frequently updated, it may not reflect recent changes in Telstra Pre-Paid Mobile service terms.

Arguably it is technically possible to achieve the desired outcome, through a multi-step procedure with manual intervention on the part of Telstra, but there are a number of prerequisites – and not before the target number is disconnected first by you.

It is neither a standard service offering or request that can be actioned through self-service, nor can you expect it will be fulfilled just because you ask.

Each Telstra Pre-Paid Starter Kit comes with a SIM, to which a mobile phone number (which is usually printed on an adhesive label on the retail packaging) has already been assigned.

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